Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Barn is Completed

We had asked about the completion of the barn several times, but the workers were very busy on other projects. To our delight, they showed up this week and within two days, the poles were up, roof attached, and it was done. Now the Donkey will have a place to stand under when it rains hard. Jimmy the donkey is doing great. He has such a loud voice. Benny will tell me..."Your Canary is singing" and laugh when Jimmy begins to Heeeee that silly donkey.
Barn in completion
Pole barn done

Four and Twenty

There are so many Blackbirds at the new house. They live in the top of a tall pine tree in the front yard. We have had some high winds, and when you go outside, you will find their nests fallen down to the ground. There is one Grackle in particular..every time I see her, she is pulling grass and weeds, she is the nest builder. She will pick around, pile them up, put them in her beak, and off she goes to build another nest. I had to laugh one day as I looked up at the tree...pieces of shredded white long plastic were blowing in the wind like a wind directional. She is quite a character. She dares the dogs to try to stop her from bathing in their dog bowl. She is out in the yard every day.
I love this picture of dark thirty....if you look really,really hard, you can barely make out the black images of the birds in the very tip top of the tree.....
Blackbirds tree

After a hard rain, you can find all the low spots.. and the birds love to bathe in the puddled rain.....

Blackbirds Bath

How Did You Know ????

We were in the process of moving down to the new house. I came into the old house to find a bag of flour busted and flour everywhere....the paw prints led to the culprit, and she kept denying it...she was hidden under the couch.....
Guilty ?

Are you really sure it was me ? How can you really tell ?

I had to really laugh at her antics, trying to scoot back under the couch as far as she could....and what a mess she had in her mouth. I had to take Q-tips and dig out the gooey, sticky, flour mess.Button is quite a character...
Both dogs are having to adjust to being outside. The worst part was Button digging out of the yard, so we had to put up an electric fence. The next worse part was listening to her get into the wire...but now, everything is going fine. She loves to be outside with Dapper. They have learned to avoid the fence and stay in their area. They love to chase the blackbirds that take a bath in their dog pan every day. We are all loving our new house.