Monday, January 30, 2012

January 2012

Where does the time go ? Seems like the days just zip by...feeding critters, buying feed, putting up with a contrary donkey....he likes to kick up his heels and I have to watch him when I am in the barnyard. The chickens have started laying again, which is a blessing. Nothing beats a fresh egg...and we make sure we eat them all.
The puppies continue to grow, sadly, no one wants them, so I have not figured out what to do with them all yet. Each is loved, each is named...OH DEAR ME !!


Cookie Face continues to get fat and sassy...she follows me all over when I am working in the barnyard, afraid she will miss something..

The donkey is learning to lead quite well now...he is rewarded by being out of the barnyard and getting to eat fresh greens, still loves his kisses, he is special..


We had to cut down the big tree out in the garden area, it had split, and left us no choice. Did not want it to fall on the neighbors area, so now it will continue to give to us and become firewood for next year, stacking it under the new barn area.


The strongest of the quail have survived, I do not think we will have them next year, the eggs are plentiful, but a headache to use and to peel....

Henny Penny still pecks the crap out of me when I try to feed her, but she is so beautiful...a mixture of all the ones we have owned, she is fat and sassy...

I have had one white and grey spotted dove born this year...occassionally, I will get one white one a year or less, but this one is mottled in color, and so pretty...

Will be glad when Spring gets here and we can get all the tarps off and fresh air inside the pens, they love the sunshine...


Bama had his feed bucket changed to a new location, and he does not like it one bit, so we will change it back this week . It is funny to watch the donkey hit the bucket with his nose and send a shower of feed down on him, makes Bama very unhappy though.


Jimbo is on his last legs, very weak at times, but he carries on, we lost Suzi Pig this past year. We will never have any more of them, but we have loved them while we have had them, they brought us laughs over the years.

Well, that catches us up for the past year and one month...soon we will be into February, the time is going so fast, I need to enjoy every day I have.....

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Old Christmas Card

Wallpaper Christmas Card

December 10, 2007

Every time I look at this homemade card, I have to smile. It is wallpaper that once hung on the walls of a home I had, I lost it to a fire years ago, but had saved small pieces of the wallpaper before the fire. It was white, with big chickens all over it, and signs of Fresh Eggs. It was pre-pasted.I had it all over the kitchen of my little house, and I had all the cupboards painted bright yellow. You could always smile when you walked into that room to make coffee in the mornings, just the sight of those silly chickens made you laugh. I miss my little house, but it is gone, except in my memory. I still had some of the wallpaper saved, luckily it was in a shed outside. It is YEARS old, the reason I am a genuine old Packrat. We have style, we never throw anything away….it will be useful in time….and it was just that, a new life for an old wallpaper.

I then took brown paper sacks and cut them and glued them to the wallpaper. I hand wrote in ink the following message, then used pinking shears to cut the cards to fit the envelopes.

Nobody will give us credit
Our budget makes us scheme
We can’t offset the debits
As Scotch as we may seem.

Not to send Season’s Greetings
Would never do at all…….
So to wish you "Merry Christmas !"
We tore the paper off the wall.

Signed ….with love, from us to you…..

I laugh and laugh at that old card. Lots of memories. I just love chickens.

Planting by Moon Signs

I am getting that Spring itch, the time of the year I want to see green sprouts coming up....and I know it is wishful thinking, we have several months of winter to go yet, but one thing I do not want to lose is information I have kept for years and years.....
This is from one of my old books.....
Plant taters on dark and old of the moon (last quarter)---you will have less vines and more taters..
Plant taters on the light of the moon, you will have more vine, and less taters..
If you plant taters in the feet, little nubs will be all over the taters...
Best time to plant...dark night in March ( March 17)
Plant all things which yield above the ground during increase or growing of moon,
Root crops which grow below ground, plant when the moon is decreasing or darkening.
Most harvesting should be done when the moon is growing old....keeps better.
Cut hay in the old of moon. Will dry quicker, prevents mold or mildew..
Cut wood in the old of the moon, dries quicker. If cut in the new of the moon, it will spew on the fire.
If you dig a hole on the new moon, you will have dirt to throw away...dig on the old of the moon, and you won't have enough to fill the hole back. If you dig post holes on the growing of the moon, they will be loose all the time and never settle. Dig post holes on the old moon, they will settle tight, just like they grew there.
Plant corn in the arms, it won't grow high and will hang over. Plant corn in Leo, and you will have a hard stalk, little nubber ears. Plant in Taurus, it with withstand drought. Plant beans in bowels, and they will rot.
Casturate pigs when the sign is in the feet...less bleeding and soreness. and no infection.
Have tonsils out when signs are in knees or feet. Cut you hair when moon is decreasing, it won't grow back as fast.
Never kill hogs on the new of the moon, the meat will be watery.
Never plant in barren signs. Frost on the light of the moon will not kill.
When oak or mesquite buds are out, killing frosts are over.
Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time to plant, and a time to harvest.
Just be sure to plant in the dirt......