Sunday, November 29, 2015

Remembering Jane....

I woke up in the middle of the night with our cousin, Jane on my mind....she has been gone for awhile , but I miss her...I felt closer to her than anyone in Benny's family...we both loved animals, she raised her horses and I raised my goats...we both loved coffee, and she always put a fresh pot on when we went to the old homeplace a Stephens County..I always loved her Christmas Cards, she drew them by hand, and they were always of horses....and one year she sent one in the mail to us and addressed it to "Dipsh** Callaway 's and I laughed till I cried..she thought it was hillarious as well...when she had a new foal, she called me and told me it was mine and she named it Derrier...LOL..when you visited her, it was not unusual to see a crow flying around in the kitchen and playing cards with you or talking, or a skunk pushing open a kitchen cabinet...and Jane would laugh...I miss her....but the memories are so vivid....She was a cancer survivor...she smoked a pipe and had to have part of her jaw and all the palate removed...she was a fighter...I would check on her and she would tell me to just wait till she put her prothesis in so I could understand her...then she told me she just could not eat peas anymore, she would put them in her mouth and they would fall out her nose....and we would both laugh till we many tears amoung the laugher...Love you, Jane

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