Friday, November 6, 2015

Donkey Love

We went down to the barnyard to empty a bag of milo in the containers and I wanted to check for wild garlic growing on the back lots.....and as we walked, my donkey kept bumping me lightly in the butt with his head....he didn't stop until I turned around and he lifted his nose up for kisses....LOL...he is something else, from being so mistreated, to now be so loving toward me......Benny laughed as we walked along, said "You haven't lived until you live where a little donkey follows behind you all over the barnyard."..Yes, he is a special donkey....he has the softest nose..I could feel a few stickers in his nose, but he would not let me pull them out....he is a character....and as I got back in the truck, he threw a tantrum and started braying as loud as he could and kicking around the barnyard.....

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