Thursday, April 7, 2016

Love is Laughter

Benny Is just sooooooo funny....Laughter every day,,,,,the funny songs he sings to was hilarious.....I had on a new T shirt...and the thin plastic ties that hold it on the coat hanger were just bugging I stuck my hand inside my shirt and started just ripping them off and throwing them in the trash....He busted out laughing and told me I reminded him of his Granny...LOL..He said, "She would put her hand in her bosom and move it around and explain that she knew when she had left home that morning, she had two of them....and would do it several times...and then yell is one of them...and pull out a tiny white hanky,,,,and he would laugh and laugh....and then he told me how Granny would give people Smart Pills...he said they were dried up goat berries...he said some guy tried to eat two of them and explained they just tasted like crap...and she said...SEE..they are working...You are getting smarter....and more laugher....and then he tells me he used to put a dried goat berry or rabbit berry up his nose, and he and his cousins would blow them at each other...and he looks at me with his precious smile, and says, "Well, we did not have TV ya know......and then this house rings with laugher from both of us....yes, I know how blessed I am....from heart rocks to wild flowers, I am blessed.....

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