Friday, October 28, 2016

Water Level Marker

I am married to a comedian.....LOL....tonight, Marty and Benny went to the ballgame in Moran....Benny's old school..and so it became my job to lock up the chickens my flashlight, and went out to lock them up....I noticed that one group had knocked over the water jug, so I took it out, pulled off the top, and started the water in it......and I had to bust out laughing...Benny had put a red and white bobbin in the jug, I guess to see where the water level is, and I got the I filled it up, and of course, dumped it over....had to start over, but got it filled, the feeder filled and they are ready to be let out in the morning....My whole life is a laugh with this man....he is my joy.......

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